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Do you really need to clean fabric?

-Fabric can be maintained in a good condition if they are not often washed. Jeans(denim) and sweaters (knitted) are not compulsory to wash after every wear. But t-shirts (cotton, poly-cotton, etc.), tops (rayon, chiffon, georgette, etc. ) and gym wear (cotton, spandex, polyester, etc.) should be washed after every wear as they absorb more dirt and sweat.

There’s no need to wash fabric after every wear as when they are tossed in machine, they lose their original color, ruined, and then may get shrink when it is placed in the dryer.

Fabrics clearly should be washed to deal with them, or, more than likely we will not wind up wearing them. The most ideal approach to limit the natural impression of your clothing is by washing a portion of your articles of clothing less regularly.

Don’t ignore the care labels

-Care labels for different type of fabrics are important for consumers to know how to take care for the particular fabric. Otherwise fabric will get shrink when washed at high temperature or white fabric becomes discolored as a result of washing them with darker fabric.

Store your fabric properly

-It is important to store your fabric in clean, dry and cool environment to avoid direct sunlight and to keep them in good condition. This will give them ‘breathing space’ and prevent wrinkling and fading.

Organize your fabric

The way we organize our fabric also impact the longevity of them.Fold your heavy fabrics instead hanging them because hanging

will stretch the fabric. Hanging the heavy fabricwill make it flimsy and saggy which no one would like to buy.

Using wooden hangers can be expensive than plastic hangers but wooden hangers are best to hang heavy fabrics.

Make repairs and alterations

-“Fixevery damage to a fabric when you first notice it.”

This will keep the fabric in a wearable state and increase the lifespan of the fabric as the damage will likely get worse over time if left unresolved.

De-pilling those fabrics you wear every day, or rehydrating those which becomes dry or cracked over time will preserve them and keep them in wearable condition.

Love your Fabrics

-Style fabric in a different way whenever you wear them. Style and experiment with different types of fabrics to create a new look. This will make you fall in love with them and it would not be thrown off from your wardrobe. This way we can expand our wardrobe.

Hand-wash delicates

-Wash delicate fabric in cold water and let them air dry. Delicate fabrics can get spoil when washed in machine. Materials like rayon, lycra, silk, wool, nylon, thin knits, and spandex are delicate materials, along with hand-knitted and hand-crocheted garments. Do not wash this type of clothing material unless they’re really dirty. Always check the care label before washing them.


The three-fundamental necessities of life are food, garments and shelter. Consequently, the significance of garments can’t be disregarded.

It is very important to take proper care and maintenance of our fabrics for healthy living. Neat and clean fabric gives us a good feel. Immaculate fabrics to improve your personality as grubby fabric make us feel upset and unhealthy.

Different fabrics are made up of different material and they needs different type of cleaning and care.

I hope this blog will help you in choosing the right care for your fabrics.

Happy Fabric, Happy Shopping!!

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